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The most delightful part of working with Sheri is experiencing her unique ability to be fully present and fully engaged, and to meet you where you are. In one session, I was struggling to put aside events of the day so that I could actively engage in the right mindset for coaching. Sheri was flexible enough to shift gears, don her therapist cap to allow for an opportunity to vent, then adeptly integrated what I shared by merging our conversation back into the focus of the coaching session. Sheri applies her gifts as a listener with deep compassion and a tireless work ethic to make every coaching session a productive and positive experience.” Pam D


“The session was comforting and insightful. I felt really supported while I was being gracefully guided through fundamental patterns and areas of focus in my life. It lead me to breakthroughs that help me shift some negative thoughts and feelings I’ve harbored for years.” Asha N


“Sheri offers a truly judgment-free zone. She leads session activities with kindness and patience, and applies her stellar listening skills to help you make connections. Sheri is a disciplined guide, who leaves no room for the pursuit of perfection to hinder progress. Whether the “North Star Vision” or an integrative activity, “Block & Key” or “Core Jewel,” every session concluded with a written product, a foundation to build upon, a record of our work. I appreciate having a record of our discussions in writing to save and revisit. The coaching process is a reminder that we are all a “work in progress,” and we are worth the effort.” Elaine T


“I have learned who I am at my core, my essence, is not random or something to find fault in. I learned to embrace my nature and see the beauty and strength in it.” Paul S


“I tell friends that coaching with Sheri keeps me focused on all of the potential and the positives in life changes, ie: an opportunity to get a refresh/a clean slate. Coaching is an opportunity to build routines and to create goals that refocus my efforts on how i want my routines, my health, and my relationships to look. Sheri inspires enthusiasm for the future by helping me focus on all the potential my life holds, and by helping me map manageable steps to turn big goals into reality, without feeling overwhelmed. I cannot recommend coaching with Sheri highly enough!” Carrie S

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